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March 2015:
The art of the ask: 7+ tips for better fundraising offers and reply slips

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February 2015:
How to diagnose a Fundraising Appeal: The OAF in Your nonprofit Storytelling Soup

January 2015:
See Me, Hear Me: 6 Ways to Use Stylistic and Literary Devices to Connect With Donors on a Deeper Level

April 2014:
Lapsed and long-lapsed donors: before you purge them from your database, here's what to consider first.

March 2014:
Should you (finally!) ditch your donor newsletter? World-premiere results offer new insights. And, fundraising acronyms: use 'em or lose 'em? Answers here.

January 2013:

Discover the low-hanging fruits of donor retention: to keep more donors, what you need to fix first (and why).

Special, December 2012:
Learn advanced interviewing secrets from two masters, for better nonprofit storytelling and stewardship.

December 2012 :
Get ideas for connecting with your senior donors age 65+ (includes supporting sources, tips, and a Fundraising Profile of the Older Donor).

October 2012 :
Use this list of faith-based words for messages that resonate with your best, most religious (Christian) donors, yet don't offend those who aren't.

September 2012 :
Beyond the charity pie chart: 12 ways to build donor trust, show accountability, and inspire confidence in your nonprofit organization.

August 2012 :
See why feel-good photos often fail in fundraising, and discover ways your nonprofit can use photos more effectively.

July 2012 :
Legacy logjams (and how to free them): Unlock more bequests for your organization when you discover these easy ways to overcome the top barriers to bequest giving.

March 2012:
How to write thank-you emails, a free encore presentation of Lisa Sargent's webinar with Network for Good, for nonprofits looking to do a better job of online donor retention.

February 2012:
Passive voice or active voice, which wins? See why and when passive voice can trump active voice in your fundraising and donor communications.

January 2012:
Older donors, aging eyes: top tips for fundraising copywriting and design to keep your best donors engaged and giving

August 2011:
10 must-ask questions to help you write your next fundraising appeal, plus the 4 steps that grew NYPL's email subscriber list by over fifty percent

March-April 2011:

Q&A with national nonprofit consultant Jim Mueller on one of the best annual reports he's ever seen, and more...

February 2011:
If you're looking for a step-by-step plan for how to do post-gift donor communications, this case study on CARE is worth studying.

January 2011:
It's do-it-yourself donor stewardship done right, in this industry spotlight from Kids In Distress of South Florida. (Creative samples included.)

Special Edition 2010:
Donor newsletter makeover (case study with samples); plus 3 new articles on white space, online content and donation thank-yous

September 2010:
Increase your direct mail fundraising response: four proven ways

July 2010:
Top U.S. nonprofit execs reveal key challenges and opportunities in donor fundraising and development

June 2010:
Major donor acknowledgment and stewardship case study from Atlanta Union Mission

May 2010:
A lesson in loyalty and content management for nonprofits from The Wall Street Journal

April 2010:
25 Interview questions for better nonprofit storytelling | Syndicating donor stewardship

March 2010:
Monthly giving programs, with Jo Sullivan and Ken Burnett

February 2010:
Gift string basics | Nonprofit email appends

January 2010:
Donor loyalty program | Nonprofit statistics

December 2009:
Nonprofit direct mail case study | Newsletter cover letters

November 2009:
12 holiday fundraising tips: for online, email and direct mail

October 2009:
Swipe file secrets | What to do when writing goes wrong

September 2009:
RSS vs. email | Online prospects, from Pew

August 2009:
Nonprofit website walk-thru | 7 tips for better welcome emails

July 2009:
The trouble with nonprofit benchmarking | Free creative brief

June 2009:
5 storytelling tips for nonprofits | 3 more nonprofit website mistakes

May 2009:
Website mistakes of big nonprofits | Twitter, Facebook

April 2009:
How to write better donor thank-you letters | Trigger emails and autoresponders

March 2009:
Will donors read what you write? | Where to learn more about legacy donors

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